About Us


TheMedicalTattoo.org was created in order to provide information and possible templates for people interested in getting a tattoo for medical alert purposes.

Our Mission

Our goal is to be resource for people with special conditions that are looking to better their lives. There are now many people in the world with medical conditions that can range from minor to moderate or even very severe in how they affect those people’s lives and there are only more to come.

If a person has a Medical Tattoo then they have a tool that can have them more prepared for any severe incident that might happen. It can open new doors for medical awareness. The way society works can become better than it is. And, it can look great while doing it.

Our Hopes

We hope that this idea will be one people invest in. We want people to always be able to live a life that they love regardless of the obstacles they have to conquer.

We hope that if people do invest in the idea of getting a tattoo for medical alert purposes that other people will ask them about it. We hope that awareness about all kinds of medical conditions can be spread throughout society. Health class does not catch most peoples attention, but a tattoo will. Education can be a lot more rad.

Thank You

We want to thank anyone who took the time to check out this website. We appreciate you regardless of whether you are looking at it because you are in the process of planning for your own medical tattoo, researching for a loved one, or just thought it looked cool.